Holistic past life therapy

Dive into your subconscious mind and discover what is blocking your potential.


How can past life therapy help you?

Past life therapy is a very powerful technique that can heal you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. When all these parts of you are balanced, your health also improves. 

Past life regression helps you dive into the deepest parts of your subconscious mind, the parts that contain the information about your problem. 

The process itself looks very similar to guided meditation. Under my guidance, you are slowly approaching the Aha moment. 

The mental pictures, insights, and aha moments do not always necessarily come from past lives. They can be related to some traumatic experience from your past in this life. 

You can connect with your inner child, someone dear that has deceased, or with your spiritual guidance. 

With the help of past life regression, you can build better relationships in knowing why has a certain person entered your life, what he/she came to teach you and how to forgive/release and heal a relationship. 





During the regression, you can experience emotional (sorrow, anger) and physical reactions (different sensations). This is totally normal and a sign you have started to release blocked energies. 

With the guidance of your spiritual team and mine, nothing can happen to you and you can’t be stuck in some other lifetime. 

You are aware of what is going on the whole time and can come back to the awakened state of mind whenever you want. 

It’s not necessary for you to be a visual person and being afraid to not see anything. Some people feel things and some hear information. 

Most of the people with my guidance can get the information they need. In very rare cases if the person is very blocked or afraid, the information is blocked also. 

IMPORTANT! Please do not attend the regression out of curiosity because only the problem unlocks your subconscious. Curiosity without a burning problem isn’t leading to results. Thank you! 



What can you expect after the regression?

Depending on your overall state, you can experience great emotional and mental shifts. 

You will understand your life more and become calmer, more joyful and fulfilled. 

Your look at the world is more positive. 

If your problem was especially deep and traumatic, you can experience further clearing that can result in the need for crying. You can feel symptoms similar to flu or some other unique sensation. 

These processes usually last for a day or two until your emotional and physical bodies clear. 

The session is 2 hours long and includes pre conversation, regression, and conclusion. 

The session is conducted via Skype or Zoom. 


Important: Past life regression is not a substitute for medical or psychological healing. 

Every client must confirm that he/she is familiar with the technique and its effects and isn’t going to give up on medication or medical treatment unless otherwise discussed with the MD. 

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