You are here for a reason!

Something brought you to me! 

Hi, my name is Natalija!

I am a channel for the ascended Masters Lady Nada and St. Germain, an intuitive, graduate teacher of metaphysics, astrologer, and past life regressionist.

25 years ago I also searched for guidance and when I finally found it, my whole life changed.

Now I am the one guiding people to themselves and their truth.

Allow me to help you find your inner light and the reason why you are here, on Earth.


I know you did not find me by chance.

Do you feel you need a change in life? Did your soul send you a wake-up call but you don’t know where and how to start?

Do you feel your life has a bigger meaning than the one you are currently living but you are not sure what it is?

If you feel this way then you are in a good place!

In longer than 10 years I guided hundreds and hundreds of people from the point where you are now to the life where they live a more authentic and happier life.

Are you ready for that change?

I share the teachings that changed my life and the lives of many others and now it will change yours.

I conduct workshops and courses and one-on-one coaching for all those who are in search of their purpose and mission.


My path

Not in my wildest dreams did I think 20 years ago that someday I would be a channel.

But my Soul led me to a teacher who showed me this was my choice before I was born. 

When I was a child I was very much drawn to fairytales, legends, books where the good conquers the bad, and later on to books about the deeper meaning of life. 

Astrology, religions of the world, spirituality, metaphysics…you name it! I couldn’t get enough and read everything I could lay my hands on. I enjoyed learning about spiritual wisdom, always in search of my essence and Soul. 

During this time of the intensive search, I got my teacher college degree in Zagreb, and life led and guided me to paths and journeys that enabled me to continue with my spiritual education and dedicated personal development with amazing spiritual teachers from this world and the world we call the Spirit. 

After 15 years of work in the corporate world and more than 20 years of personal development, I decided it was time to dedicate my full attention to my mission and purpose. 

I have grounded a non-profit called Sretni ljudi (Happy people) and became known in Croatia and the Balkan region. 

I speak English, German, and Croatian. 



Channeling and healing as a calling

If someone told me 30 years ago I will channel high energy, an ascended master I would not believe it.

But it’s been already 10 years since my active work with the master Lady Nady and her gentle but firm and wise guidance

through life and just a year with the ascended Master St. Germain.

Called the teachers of love and compassion, their energies join with mine and participate during any spiritual work I conduct.

Often people tell me they feel their energy even during some common chit-chat. Their energy uplifts them and changes them.

The work with the masters is not easy and simple but it is filled with lessons, great dedication, discipline, and responsibility. 

Are you ready and brave enough?


– Reiki 1. and 2. level. From 2000-2002 (Zagreb/Croatia)

– Master of metaphysics graduate. From 2002-2014 with the teacher Margaret McElroy

– Astrology course in 2008. Teacher Margaret McElroy (Seattle/USA)

– Australian Bush flower essences practitioner. Teacher Ian White (Netherland/ Austria)

– Chakra and energy bodies education. Lenght 11 Months in 2010. Teacher Monika Novak (Vienna/Austria)

– Aura-Soma practitioner, 3 levels from 2006-2010. Teacher Monika Novak (Vienna/ Austria)

– De-armouring technique in 2016. Teacher Dean Matuka. (Zagreb/Croatia)

– Gene Keys education 2022-2023. Teacher Richard Rudd (online)


I was led and guided to you by Lady Nada. And my first contact with you were the questions for help for Lady Nada. For me, you were first the channel for Lady Nada (and you know what that means to me) and then Natalija who is talented, capable, experienced, and wise in many many other segments and domains of therapy, metaphysics, and spirituality. It’s my personal experience, born out of my deep longing for the Spirit, Truth, and God(ess). The cut the long story short, my answer to you is your direct and deep connection with the Spirit world, respectively Lady Nada. I don’t know if people are aware/know how hard and demanding it is to be a channel. It takes a long path of reincarnations to be a channel and then to be a channel for Lady Nada. The people who know what it means, all has been said. For me, this is your crown, your first and biggest quality, virtue, and a unique characteristic. First, because Lady Nada has no other channels then you on this planet, and second because her energy refines, encourages, transforms, and helps through you every single one of us who are asking for help directly or indirectly.

Marija Birtić Ljubičić

Integrative psyhotherapist

My rationality used to be a dominant force in my life, so easing into the power of what we – yet – cannot measure does not come natural to me. Natalija’s approach, combining astrological insights and her incredible intuitive skills, provides me with a hightened sense of clarity, a fine tuning of my own intuition, and confidence into my path of self-realization. Ultimately Natalija’s work is lead by a lot of gentle compassion, kindness, and integrity, which eases the inevitable pain connected to the shadow work of personal transformation.



Natalija – for me the biggest thing is trust and knowing you wouldn’t judge me. You are light hearted, kind and very patient. You are a good listener and carefully weigh the situation and give your opinion/guidance. You are very intuitive and perceptive. Biggest of all – I just know you can help me.

Ratna Colluru


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