The master’s beginners course


Is there a deep desire in your soul to discover who you are and why you are here on this planet?


Are you looking for the answers at various places but the overall picture is missing or it does not quite touch your heart?

Are you searching for something that is going to resonate with your inner being?

Are you asking the big questions about your life and wonder how it can be better and more meaningful?

Do you feel you are born for something bigger and better and seek answers about it?

Is there an inner need for connection with the energies from the Spirit world and understanding what it means to be a highly aware human being?

Do you seek deeper insights that will lead you to a higher level of consciousness?

Do you search for an understanding of all parts of your life so you could live your mission purposefully?


This course was created by my teacher Margaret McElroy with the assistance of the ascended master Maitreya.

I, as a graduate student of Margaret and Maitreya was asked to teach this course and to educate you if you feel a deep desire to understand yourself, your life path, and the ways to live your life to reach the end goal your soul has placed for this incarnation. 

This course is special because you will be infused with the beautiful energy of the master Lady Nada I am channeling and all the other masters/teachers who will be present with their energies. They will transform your energy before, during, and after the course and enable you to raise your vibration and consciousness.

The work with the master is going to give you the opportunity to grow faster and more effectively so you can eventually reach the top level of consciousness and not incarnate again.

Everyone who feels the desire to work with the master has chosen this path before birth. So if this course is resonating with your heart, do listen to the call.

If you wish to learn further after this course under the eye of the Spirit world, you can join the next two levels- advanced and brotherhood course.

You can also choose if you wish to be in a group set up or you prefer one-on-one education.


(THE BASICS OF SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY): Astrology planets, houses, and signs. Learn to read your own natal chart properly.

(ENERGY): What is energy? Why is understanding energy important for our life?

(PAST LIVES): The influence of past lives on your current life. How to recognize the influence? What are your most important past lives? How to free energy?

(CHAKRAS): Our energy system. The importance of the 8 main chakras and their purpose. How to open the chakras?

(HIGHER SELF/LOWER SELF): What are these two energies and what do they represent in our life? How can we distinguish one from another? How to connect with the energy of the higher self?

(EMOTIONS): What are emotions and how to transform them? Practical advice.

(THE LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS): The main characteristics of every level. What is happening on every level?

(PHOTON ENERGY): The symptoms of photon energy. How to deal with the changes?

(TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES): How to help yourself? What helped me. 

Since this is a course led and guided by the Masters, expect Lady Nada, the Master I am channeling to come in and channel through me. This is usually a very transformative moment for everyone involved as her energy penetrates deeply and profoundly.

Expect a very high vibration of energy and quick and deep changes. After only a few days you will start to shift and your energy is going to change. You will also feel more sense about your life and the answers will pour in.

After this course, you can experience a quantum shift and a higher level of vibration and consciousness.


6th of September 2021


18 weeks

1 live call per week (2 hours in length)




4000 EUR


Please send your application using the form below. You can jump in whenever you can or feel like and listen to the recordings and live teachings.

If after the completion of this course, you wish to advance, you can participate in two further courses, the advanced and brotherhood course.

You’ll have lifetime access to all the live recordings and access to a FB Group where you can share your insights with other students. 

Every student gets a certificate of completion and can apply and/or teach this program further. 

Natalia’s course of metaphysics can be described as a deep energetic spiritual experience I felt in every fiber of my being. And peace. PEACE that doesn’t disappear, it floats around me like snowflakes, peace nothing can crash.

I believe this course can give anyone the things they need, even if you do not know what you need. Because wanting and needing is not the same. Maybe trusting the guidance of the Masters is what you need so you can realize what it is that you need and what you must do to get it in this incarnation.

I warmly recommend it to everyone who can feel my words and see yourself in the above words, especially to those who are trying to get to a more honest relationship with their higher Self.

Ivana Perić Radman, USA

If the energy brought you here, ask yourself WHY! Here you will not find ALL of your answers because all the answers are inside of you but Natalija can give you the magic key to unlock the doors to the infinite magic. There is no better place from which you can start your ascend home.

Matej H, Slovenia

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