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Hi! I'm Natalija!

And I would looove to help you open yourself up to your spiritual gifts, recognize your purpose, and start living it.


Because humanity NEEDS YOUR UNIQUENESS and your light, desperately!!


You’ll be led and guided through the process of self-discovery with gentleness and kindness, with the support of very high energies that I’m channeling.

After working with me:

* You’ll be happy to say I know what my life purpose is

* You’ll understand your life choices and lessons

* You’ll feel calmer, and more in touch with your heart.

* You’ll be aware of your capabilities and feel connected to your spiritual team.

* You’ll make the first or deeper steps toward the desired life.



Are you in the right place?

My work is dedicated to you, AMAZING WOMAN, awakened but still a bit lost in fears, collective expectations, and old stories rising from the subconscious.

Do you feel lost and can’t find your way in the chaos you feel inside?

Do you lack the fire to move in the direction of your dreams?

Are you afraid you’ll say one day your life had no meaning and you failed?

Are you afraid you’ll never gain the courage to make the change?

Do you think you’re not capable enough to have your own spiritual business?

Are you afraid to lose money, friends, family members, and support if you live your desired life and stop pleasing others?

Is your biggest desire to know WHO YOU ARE and how to reach the life you crave, so you can live fully, happily, and satisfied?


If you have recognized yourself, yippee!

I offer services to help you ease your insecurities, face your fears, and embrace your pain.

With my help, you’ll fundamentally change your inner life, so your outer reality can change too.

I work in a one-on-one setting or group setting, with a tribe of amazing women.

If you have no idea what would be good for you, you can always contact me via the contact form.

Spiritual mentoring

Let me coach you and help you transcend your issues in a gentle and wise way. I will create a package offer designed only for you and your needs. A life-changing experience. 

Channeled counseling

This is exceptional counseling where you directly talk with the masters from the world of Spirit. Masters Lady Nada & St. Germain will guide you in a gentle and supportive way.

The Master’s courses

Learn the laws of metaphysics and open yourself up to higher levels of vibration and consciousness.Learn from the Ascended Masters and transform your energy. A life-changing experience!

Public channelings

Listen to the live online channelings from the ascended master Lady Nada and St. Germain channeled by Natalija. Enjoy the beautiful high energy, ask your questions.

Events soon to happen! 

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Hey, let’s stay connected!

Drink coffee or your fav beverage, with me!

Every Saturday morning!

There’s always something happening in my world- lessons learned, channelings downloaded, insights gained, practicalities mastered, new courses created.

Would you like to be the first to know?

I’ll stay in the zone of spirituality and metaphysics, of course (no bowel movement stories. promise)!

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Her open heart emits the energy of love, acceptance, understanding, caring, respect and compassion, and enables her to be one of the clearest and the most authentic channels for the Divine/God energy in her reading, healing and teaching.

I highly and strongly recommend her to you if you need spiritual guidance to find your life purpose and life direction, to heal yourself and your life, to raise your vibration to higher consciousness and to move on with your life. Your life will be improved for the betterment of your soul evolution.

Jean Luo


If you are experiencing that urge to explore who you are and how you fit into the world in which you live, Natalija has the knowledge and Spiritual gifts to assist you.

She can assist you to open yourself up to your destiny and life purpose. Her personal study with Maitreya gave her the knowledge of how your personal journey on the Earth Plane is unique to you.

By applying his teaching to her own life, she has had to face many fears and levels of learning that have enabled her to raise her vibration to allow the Ascended Master, Lady Nada to teach through her.

Natalija has the knowledge, skill and compassionate understanding to guide you as you take ownership in your life.

She can assist you to face your fears as you navigate your chosen life lessons. She will introduce you to your Astrology, Past Life Energy and Karma which are the backdrops to your life lessons.

Her greatest gift to you is to assist you to face, understand and embrace your challenges and fears through a new perspective of how life works.

I highly recommend this beautiful lady to teach and guide you on your journey of life.

Alan McElroy


Natalija is a powerful healer.

When you work with Natalija she assists you to penetrate right to the source of challenges in your life – usually subconscious beliefs.

I have found that just from sharing your challenges with Natalija, her energy somehow transforms the situation you are experiencing.

Working with Natalija is for those who are committed to transforming their lives. She is also very intuitive and generous with her time.

Sharon Hofman


Natalija may the light of the Divine Spirit stay and assist you always in this of your very important work that is touching many souls and me in particular. It is bringing in so much needed enlightenment and wisdom of tomorrow to the earth plane.

Makachi Chimusaru


My rationality used to be a dominant force in my life, so easing into the power of what we – yet – cannot measure does not come natural to me.

Natalija’s approach, combining astrological insights and her incredible intuitive skills, provides me with a hightened sense of clarity, a fine tuning of my own intuition, and confidence into my path of self-realization.

Ultimately Natalija’s work is lead by a lot of gentle compassion, kindness, and integrity, which eases the inevitable pain connected to the shadow work of personal transformation



Natalija – for me the biggest thing is trust and knowing you wouldn’t judge me.

You are light hearted, kind and very patient. You are a good listener and carefully weigh the situation and give your opinion/guidance.

You are very intuitive and perceptive. Biggest of all – I just know you can help me.

Ratna Colluru


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