Spiritual mentoring

Live as a wisest you.

Do you wish to understand your life better?

Do you have an emotional problem you are struggling to resolve?

Do you need someone who objectively tells you where you sabotage yourself and gives you guidance with love and understanding?

Do you wish to free yourself from unhappy relationships and toxic people so you can feel liberated on every level and enjoy peace in your mind and heart?

Do you wish to believe more in yourself, have faith and trust?

Do you wish to believe you were never a lost case?

Do you wish to spiritually progress faster and have a mentor that’s going to take you higher in consciousness and vibration with the help of Spiritual masters?

My mentorship can help you if:

  • You feel you have experienced traumas and have deep pain inside that is deeply buried in your subconscious;
  • You feel you are stuck in a situation, relationship, work and you can’t make the decision to move on;
  • You feel sorrow for no apparent reason and have anger outbursts;
  • You have chronic physical problems and wish to become aware of the emotional and mental beliefs behind the disease;
  • You feel separated from your inner spiritual being and God;
  • You wish to find out how to live your spirituality in the best possible way;
  • Whatever your personal spiritual story is.

How am I conducting this program:

This program is completely individualized and adjusted to your needs.

It includes therapies like remote healing and past life regression, guided meditations, astrology insights, and deeply intuitive, and channeled guidance.

You will understand why something is happening to you, what you need to do to change it and how you can work towards your goals.

The energy of my spiritual masters and guides is very high and will enable great and deep changes inside of you.

Book a free 30 minutes Skype chat to know me better using the contact form. We will discuss your needs and find the best solutions for You!

I will create your program in a day or two and after your confirmation, we will start with the work.

We’ll meet online once per week for an apex. 2 hours.

If you wish to experience a bigger and more impactful effect, please consider at least 3-6 months of work with me.

Dear Natalija, it’s seems not to be easy to put in words what I experienced during our first meeting and every single one afterward.

Using simple words I will tell I would not be here where I am now despite my personal will and dedication, without you as an expert, friend and a fantastic person who was by my side whenever I needed you. Every healing and past life regression made a huge impact in my life and in my process of growth.

You always told me what you felt when I asked for your opinion. It always made a lot of sense and with time turned to be the truth.

For me, Natalija Pavlaković means excellence, professionalism, and humane approach. She is someone I would always recommend, especially if you are on a path of awareness, dealing with your emotional life, and want to live the best version of yourself!

Snežana Stocker


Paying for intuitive guidance and spiritual mentoring

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