Holistic past life therapy

Dive into your subconscious and discover what’s blocking your potential.

How can past life therapy help?

Past life regression is a powerful tool.

It can heal your emotional, mental, and spiritual part. The release of negativity can also greatly impact your physical health for the better.

During regression therapy, you are deeply relaxed which enables you to open the doors to the parts of your subconscious which contain pieces of information. These parts of your subconscious are the keys to the answers to your problem.

This is not hypnosis! It’s like a guided meditation that will take you to the alpha state of mind and to the Aha-moment that will change your entire energy.

The information you will get can contain past lives but it’s not a rule.

You can also see or feel information connected to a traumatic experience from your past in this incarnation, or you can connect to your inner child, dear deceased people, or the spiritual world.

You can release a difficult relationship with regression therapy. It can help you understand why you were attracted to someone and what this person came to teach you. It’s much easier to free yourself from a toxic relationship when you know why you were with this person in the first place.

During the therapy, you can experience different emotions and physical reactions (different sensations). This is normal and a sign you have started to release blocked energies from your body.

With my help and the help of the energies from the Spirit world, nothing negative can happen to you and you can’t be stuck in some past life.

You are not in trance! You are aware of what is happening all of the time. As in meditation, you can come back easily. 

It’s not necessary for you to be a visual person and to be afraid you won’t see anything. Someone is more a feeling person, someone is more tactile, someone visual or all together.

With my guidance, most people can come to the information necessary to release old, blocked energies.

NOTE: Please do not book for past life therapy out of curiosity. Only a problem can unlock the subconscious. Curiosity without real problems does not lead to desired results. Thank you! 

What is there to expect after past life therapy?

Depending on your overall state, you can experience a big emotional and mental shift.

The problem before the regression ceases to be or is much easier to handle. You are more at peace, more joyful and your understanding of your life is bigger.

Your worldview is more positive.

If your problem was particularly deep and traumatic, you could enter into a process of further clearing that can result in a need for crying. You can also feel physical symptoms like flu-like symptoms.

These clearings are usually very short and can last for apex two to three days until your emotional and physical body does not clear completely.

The therapy is apex 2 hours long. 

It is conducted online via Skype or offline if you live in Zagreb. 

Note: Past life therapy is not a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

On that note, every client signs or agrees with a statement that he is familiar with the therapy and its effects. It’s a statement that declares the client will not abandon the drugs or medical treatment unless consulting with the medical doctor. 

My personal experience of past life regression with Natalija was very strong. I immediately reacted positively and felt lighter, freer, and released from the burdens and relationships.

In the aftermath, I started to feel many emotions, long-held, and buried. Some of them I cried out, some stirred up joyful emotions so strong I had the need to dance.

For the first time, I realized how much beauty there is inside of me although my life was turbulent and not supported.

I loved Natalija the first time I saw her via Skype. I immediately got the impression I knew her for a very long time.

I got the feeling of trust like when you trust your mother or a good friend and it was normal for me to surrender to her guidance.

After my past life regression, I carefully examined my behavior. I realized I could speak with more lightness, I could recognize what was good for me, I had a clear picture of some situations, I could turn to peaceful mind much quicker after stressful situations.

It looked as if someone peeled a layer of unnecessary worries, dirt, unclearness, pain, and sorrow.  My mind is getting more focused and I am approaching myself with much more tenderness and everything the day brings.

Ljiljana Đurđević

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