know your fear and face it


I am inviting you to join me and penetrate deeply into your subconscious mind.

Release your fears with the help of intuition, meditation, exercises and spiritual guidance.

Find peace and courage and attract all you want and what you have chosen for your life path. 

Fulfill your potential without the control of your fears.

Love your life, enjoy it, and be free of fears that imprison you.


Become aware of your hidden fears.

Replace the fear, anxiety, and insecurity with the courage and guidance of your higher Self. 

Connect with your female essence and drink from this well of love and trust. 

Think like a queen. Queen isn’t afraid of the failure. The failure is just one step towards excellence. 



Where is fear coming from?

The two sides of the fear of tremendous help you and how to recognize them.

What emotions and beliefs lie underneath the fear

Which part of you loves to scare you?

What are your biggest fears in life?

Recognize the fears of your parents, culture, and your ancestors. 

What happens on the energy level when we are in the energy of fear. 

The most common fears in the chakras and how they affect us.

What to do when we feel enormous fear. 

Why are some fears appearing over and over again?

How is fear affecting your physical body and why do we get sick.

How to replace fear with courage and love towards ourselves and life.

A short analysis of your fears from your natal chart.



My name is Natalija and I will be your guide through this journey into your fears. 

I have experienced 25 years of spiritual and personal development in which I felt and confronted many of my deepest fears. 

The biggest was to stand up for my life choices and face the criticism and judgment of my family and friends when I decided to leave my corporate job. I was afraid to be abandoned and most of all, not be accepted for who I am. 

As you can see, I have faced my fear and in 2010 I left the corporate world after 15 years of dedicated work. Today I am successfully guiding people on their spiritual path.

I will be led and guided to help you see your fears, by my spiritual guides and masters and my strong intuition. 

If you feel you are ready and if you feel I can help you, I will be delighted to see you at this amazing and unique workshop!



Doubt kills more dreams than failure!

Again beautiful energy, yours, the masters…everything was so powerful and intense. 

Darija Velan

Your workshop caused deep healing inside of me, painful but healing. I have experienced incredible insights about where my fears are coming from and I believe these insights will help me face the fears. 

Tina Varat



Through many practical lessons and meditations.

I will slowly guide you to awareness and insights about your beliefs that created your fears.

Nothing is forced. You can do it in your own rhythm and go deep as you want it and allow it.

Your spiritual guidance is going to be present and give you the information you need to know.



16 hours (one weekend 2×8 hours or

4 terms x 4 hours)

♦ DATE ♦

upon request


ONLINE live via Zoom



Please send your application using the form below. 


Very simple! After we agree on dates and after your payment, I will send you the link to connect using Zoom. All you need to do is to register, adjust the audio and video and that is all.

Because of mutual speech, you need a camera and a microfon.

You will also be sent pdf materials that you can print if you wish. It’s enough to have a notebook.

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