discover your mission and purpose

Create the life you came to live

I will start describing this amazing workshop with the words of Mark Twain: The two most important days in your life are the day you were born…and the day you find out why.”

We are the happiest when we do what we love to do when we start the day with joy and passion when we are so aware of our life goals and mission that we never back up no matter how hard our path can become.

Because we know there is nothing else that can give our soul growth and fulfillment!

The problem starts when we are not aware of the reason for our existence or we doubt what we feel. Out path can then look chaotic, goalless, and empty. Our dreams are small and we only seek to survive.

Our soul tries to wake us up many times and tries to guide us where we have to go but because of our fear and ignorance, we fight the change. It’s an endless circle!

Our life and the spiritual path (if we have one) becomes a path of bad decisions or compromises and not a life filled with purpose and dedication.

I have created this workshop because I know how important it is to discover your mission and purpose, your talents and gifts. You wouldn’t read these lines if I continued working a boring office job.



  • You wish to know why you were born and what is your mission and purpose;
  • You have a job you don’t like and you constantly feel something is missing in your life but you don’t know what it is;
  • You feel you can’t give 100% of your energy and dedication because you don’t see a higher purpose in what you do. You want better and higher but have no clue how and what;
  • You feel your potential but aren’t sure in your intuition and seek confirmation or someone’s experience;
  • You know your mission and purpose but you are also afraid and have no clue where to start. You want to understand what is stopping you and how to overcome, understand, and outgrow the fears so you can get into action.



  • The path of your soul. What happened before we were born?
  • Why and how did you choose your life plan? Do you know who you are?
  • What does it mean to live your mission and purpose? What is the true meaning?
  • Do you know your qualities and how to become aware of them?
  • Your childhood development and interests
  • Your potential, gifts, and talents
  • The journey of a heroine (sacred call, path, blocks, and goals). What is happening when we receive the call to live our gifts? What do we need to understand to get successfully to the goal?
  • Parents influence on our choices
  • Cultural/tribal beliefs that condition us to live what we do NOT want.
  • Your biggest fears about failure or success
  • Your beliefs about money and survival. Money mindset and hardset.
  • Astrology insight into your mission and purpose, talents, and gifts.
  • Your self-worth. How much are you worthy?
  • How much are you excepting and respecting yourself?
  • Are you ready to show yourself to the world?
  • How to recognize your intuition and act on an impulse that’s leading us to the self-realization?




I am Natalija, your mentor on this trip in discovering your mission and purpose.

10 years ago and after 20 years of personal development, I decided to make a huge shift and leave the corporate world with a wish and passion to dedicate my energy and time to something my soul has always guided me- help women find their mission and purpose and fulfill their greatest potential.

So far I have successfully led hundreds of people in discovering their mission and potential and I would like to help you too.

My spiritual guides and masters, my strong intuition, and experiences will help me help You discover what is currently blocking you to live your life filled with joy and purpose.

I can’t wait to see you flourish after you discover your mission and purpose! 




14 hours (3 terms x 4,5 hours)

or one weekend 2×7 hours. 


upon request


ONLINE live via Zoom or Skype


Please send your application using the form below.


Very simple! After we agree on dates and after your payment, I will send you the link to connect using Zoom. All you need to do is to register, adjust the audio and video and that is all.

Because of mutual speech, you need a camera and a microfon.

You will also be sent pdf materials that you can print if you wish. It’s enough to have a notebook.



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