If anyone had told me 30 years ago that I would be channeling an amazing, strong, and healing energy, I would have thanked them while thinking to myself that I didn’t deserve it, I couldn’t do it, and anyway who was I to be chosen to do something so amazing? In those days I only asked and prayed to Jesus to open my heart and end all the suffering, anxiety, fears, and sorrow that I felt inside.

Today after 20 years of self-development and devotion to my spiritual work, I truly believe I deserve to be a channel and I know it is something I have chosen as part of my life path.  It is so wonderful to know and live your true vocation.

My friend said to me, “It is not a job, it is the way you live your life 24/7!” And I agree with her 100%.

Many years ago I worked in a regular company.  I was jealous of people who were better at their job than me, who were praised more than me, or had higher incomes.  I wished I had their job and was sure I could do it better than they could! I lived my life in fear and with very little self-confidence which I masked very craftily. I did not realize back then that I could never be the best because I was not doing what I came to do.

Today all those feelings have gone. I know I am doing what I was born for and there is no-one in the world with the energy I have or the way of doing things as I do. There is no feeling of competition or jealousy, there is only awareness that this is me and that I am walking the path I have chosen.  It is such a beautiful feeling, a feeling of belonging to yourself, your dreams, and your goals which only those who are doing the same can understand.

Only in this soul-chosen work can you give yourself fully. Only in this soul-chosen work can you achieve your full potential and at the same time enjoy it 100%.  Everything else is just self-deception because deep inside part of you is suffering and asking what if…..?

My heart’s desire is for everyone to find their true vocation because I believe there is no greater happiness than to turn back at the end of your life and say, “Yes! I lived my life the way I felt and wanted to!” and to die peacefully with a smile on your face.