Many think the spiritual path is the path of prayer, meditation, service, and believing in God…it is, but the spiritual path and spirituality are much more than that.

To be spiritual also means to make decisions- decisions that are often very hard. Decisions that can also affect other people’s lives. Decisions that can change YOUR life for 180 degrees.
Quitting the job, divorce, change one’s residence, letting go of friends/partners…and many other situations that are not simple or easy.

You may ask what is spiritual in this. Spirituality is everything that leads you to yourself. Spirituality is everything that forces you to face your fears. Spirituality is everything that opens up new life situations and doors. It is spiritual because it leads us to the awareness that we can, we will and we want to live the life we feel is good for us.

Many times I hear people saying they can’t divorce because of the children. How do you know these souls that are your children did not choose to have this kind of experience? This kind of learning? Maybe you are helping them in their soul evolution despite the painful situation.

Or the existential fear that stops people from doing what they like. How do you know that this work want bring more abundance into your life? The abundance that you could not imagine in your wildest dreams?!

You will not know until you make the decision and trust me there is nothing more spiritual than that.

You have chosen to incarnate again because you wanted to face all the hard, painful situations, situations that change consciousness. Otherwise, you would not be here, on this planet with the hardest energy in the whole Universe. You should be proud of yourself because only the bravest choose to be here.

And with this in mind, just do it. Do not give up on yourself. Do not let your Lower Self/Ego to sway you away from your path. Be brave because the luck follows the brave ones.

If necessary consult an intuitive astrologer who can suggest and give advice in times of confusion and hardship.