Astrology readings

Because you need a navigation system.

Do you seek help to easier navigate your spiritual path?

The 5 astrology readings I am offering, can make your life easier and give you insights into your life situation.

My love for astrology began when I was a kid and has grown as a passion and a calling. Astrology always helped me because it gave me answers to many important questions.

Even in a very difficult situation, the knowledge of astrology helped me to understand the process and gave me the needed courage to go through.

My insights are deeply intuitive and led and guided by the spiritual masters I am channeling.

Do not allow yourself to go through life without knowing why you are here!

1. In-depth astrology reading

A natal chart is representing who you are.

It is your soul’s CV, your souls chosen path, and your school curriculum.

It is your navigational system and your torch in the dark.

Not knowing your natal chart makes life more chaotic and hard, messy, and without goals and purpose.

Why do I need a natal chart?

Because your soul made a contract/life plan before it was embodied as you, and this life plan contains all the information about who you are, where you are going, and why you are here. 

As with every serious plan, it contains this information:

– past life energy and their effect on the current incarnation;

– your mission and purpose, your talents and gifts;

– your karmic debts;

– what aspects of your life contain the biggest lessons;

– how will you connect with other people and why are some relationships painful and hard;

– how will you earn money;

– what are your biggest fears and how to face them;

– what are your deepest wounds and how to heal them;

– what did you choose for your life so you can grow and thrive;

– and many other information important for your life.

As you can see, your natal chart contains much information that can enable you to live your life with more awareness, easier, and more focused.

If you doubt your choices and feelings, you can always check your natal chart and see if it confirms it or not.

Your natal chart is the navigational system that you can turn to whenever you feel lost or whenever you need light in the darkness. 

The insights and feelings you’ll get about yourself will lead and guide you towards the goals your soul has chosen when it made the plan. It automatically means a life with more sense and fulfillment.

And so, if you still do not know yourself enough or you feel insecure and doubt your choices and just do not understand why something is happening to you, I am here to help you.

I will suggest, open the door for you in the direction of your soul and put a lantern into your hand. 

The reading is apex an hour and a half long and is conducted online via Skype or Zoom.

The audio record with the reading is sent to you right after the session is over.

2. Natal chart analysis for a child

This analysis is a beautiful gift and help for every parent. 

It is ideal for children until 18 years of age and a perfect gift for parents who wish to direct their child in life using the insights and knowledge about their child’s soul choices. 

The reading is apex an hour and a half long and is conducted online via Skype or Zoom.

The audio recording with the reading and your child’s natal chart is sent to you right after the session is over.

3. Compatibility analysis

This analysis compares the compatibility between two people.

– Why did you choose this relationship?

– What is it teaching you?

– Are there any unfinished karmic debts?

– What qualities is this person bringing into your life?

– What are your mission and the mission of the other person and how are they overlapping?

This analysis is perfect for couples who wish to marry, business partners, and friends. 

It is also great to explore family dynamics between the members of the family.

The reading is apex an hour and a half long and is conducted online via Skype or Zoom.

The audio recording with the reading and charts are sent to you right after the session is over.

Both parties can join the reading. The choice is yours.

4. Solar chart analysis

– Are you making some important decisions for your life?

– Do you want to know what is going to happen the year ahead?

– What can you expect?

– Should you start the new business, plan a pregnancy, move out?

– Which aspect of your life is going to be challenging?

– What should you prepare for?

The solar year is a year between two birthdays and this analysis is best to do slightly before or after your birthday. 

For me as your astrologer is very important to know where you are planning to celebrate your birthday because your solar chart is not going to be the same for example Singapur and New York.

Different cities, different life situations.

This brings another opportunity to the table and it’s the possibility to celebrate your birthday in a location where the planetary aspect supports your plans and goals.

For example, you wish to start a new business but the solar chart for your home town shows no support for the business aspect of your life.

In that case, we find the city/state on the planet where your solar chart shows good or great opportunities for a start-up. Yours is to go there, celebrate your birthday and come back home knowing all is going to be well.

The reading is apex an hour and a half long and is conducted online via Skype or Zoom.

The audio recording with the reading and your solar chart is sent to you right after the session is over.

5. Chiron analysis

– Did you always feel there is a deep source of pain inside of you?

– A pain that would show itself for a moment and then disappear in your subconscious?

– Do you have a feeling you are not good enough despite all your efforts?

– And no matter how much you try to understand it, you still can not find the cause?

– You still can not find the way to deal with this heavy feeling that’s blocking you, your potential, and your life in general?

What is Chiron and what is it’s purpose?

Chiron is one of the celestial bodies (asteroid) very important in astrology as it points to a very significant and unique human feature- his spiritual potential in human form. 

Chiron is the roadsign to self-realization. 

The path is filled with many blocked energies, ancient pains, and traumas and that is why we call Chiron “the wounded healer” which means his position in our natal chart points to a place representing the most wounded part of our soul. 

That wound is old and probably invisible to your conscious mind, but here you are to see it and release it.

To become aware and transform this wound, leads to healing on the deepest parts of your being.

The unhealed wound can manifest itself through deep pain you feel on certain occasions when there is an outside trigger and can reveal itself through thoughts and emotions like:

“I am not good enough”- a deep feeling of unworthiness.

“I am nobody”- feeling what we do and live is not interesting to anyone.

A feeling of deep dissatisfaction and failure.

A feeling of being invisible.

A feeling of emptiness, unfulfillment, without any purpose or meaning.

A feeling of guilt and fear of expressing our authentic self.

Fear of being misunderstood, rejected, and ashamed.

We wish to hide from the world but we also know it would diminish our identity.

We understand the life we lived so far is not the one we wish to live in the future, but we are also not completely sure either what the future is and feel lost.

Why is it important to heal the Chiron wounds?

By becoming aware and by accepting our deepest wound, we give internal permission to our inner healer to slowly release us from the energy that was telling us that we are not good enough, that we can not accomplish anything and that we do not have the right to be what we are.

In that wound and pain is a lot of wisdom and experience hidden because the wound was created and has grown through past lives in which we did things or things were done to us.

To see these past lives and the consequences of ours and other actions brings bigger awareness and peace and full release from the negativity and beliefs that were holding us back.

The healing of the Chiron wounds leads us to the inner master, healer, alchemist. Chiron also points to our biggest spiritual GIFT and biggest potential.

This reading is for you

– If you feel there is a deep source of pain inside of you

– If you feel you are not good enough in some segment of your life and no matter how much you try, you do not know why you feel this way.

– If you wish to live your purpose but there is always this voice in your head saying you are not good enough.


** I would recommend this analysis especially if you are born between April the 1st 1968 until October the 18th 1968 and between January the 30th 1969 until 1977 because you entered a period called Chiron return. This is a period in which you are going to be forced to become aware of your deepest, darkest wounds because until now you could not see them. It’s like to put a plaster on a wound but the wound is so obvious now, that no plaster is going to cover it anymore.


What will you get?

– Insights into your Chiron energy

– What is your Chiron saying about your pain and traumas

– What is it saying about your past lives

– How to heal the wounds

– What is your potential for self-realization that you’ve chosen for this incarnation

– How to initiate that potential

Also includes

– A guided meditation for releasing the Chiron energy

– Pdf material to work on Chirons lessons


Other details

The reading is apex an hour and a half long and is conducted via Skype or Zoom.

The audio recording with the reading and your natal chart is sent to you right after the session is over.

It’s been a year since our conversation and the natal chart analysis. I have to admit it was educational in many ways! And motivational also! At that time I was working an office job and what I truly enjoyed was a side job. I had no courage to make it a full-time job and focus myself in that direction. Your words still ring in my ears: “When you take this step, you’ll be free” and my fear: “How I’m going to do it? What if I fail? What if…?

I applied for another office job I was sure to get, but I was refused. And then I just decided to quit my job and turn to my dream. I created my company, I rented a space and a year later, I am living my dream. Not even in my dreams could I believe it’s going to be so easy, as you said. Your words came in the right moment and gave me wind to my back. I confronted my fears, I paid attention to your guidance and advice and made the step! I warmly recommend this reading to everyone!

Jasenka Zubac

I am completely stunned and do not have the right words to express my delight. After the reading, I said to my girlfriend you simply read my DNA. You told me everything I knew about myself that was hidden underneath my skin, but when you said it out loud I became truly aware of my true self. While listening to you, I cried and I got goosebumps because everything was so true to me. I needed navigation and you gave it to me. I banish any possibility of coincidence and am truly grateful to Spirit that I’ve met you in this life.


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