Intuitive guidance and spiritual mentoring

Let me guide you to your soul!

Hi! My name is Natalija!

My clients say I possess love, warmth, mother-like energy, calmness, compassion, and a very precise intuition that guides them in time of need.

All the answers and advice on how to help you, come from my intuition and from the ascended master Lady Nada I channel since 2008. 

As an expert in the field of past life regression, spiritual astrology, metaphysics, and intuitive counseling, I can help you find the roots of your problems and assist you in transforming the blocked energies with the help of high spiritual energy.

From our work together, you can expect a clearer insight into your soul path, the transformation of your negative beliefs and emotions, and a happier and more fulfilled life.

I can’t wait to help you! 




Who am I working with?

My work is dedicated to you, a wonderful awakened woman, hungry for spiritual knowledge and wisdom, and every man who is on the path of higher consciousness and finds himself attracted to my energy and message.

Do you, above all, wish to know who you are and what to do to feel complete, happy, and content?

Do you wish to quickly and efficiently release all the emotions and beliefs holding you back?

Are you filled with fears, mistrust of life and yourself, and still not living your mission?

Are you in a constant circle of bad decisions and problems, searching for the cause you can’t find?

Do you have a million questions and no answers that resonate with your truth?

Is your problem to move from the comfort zone, to choose a new path and finally end with what you know is not good for you?

Do you need a new path, new direction, practical advice?


What do I offer

Every single one of my services is based on a lifelong experience, personal development and education, and practical work with clients. 

Integrity, excellence, compassion, and empathy are my virtues and they are integrated into every service I offer. 

Spiritual mentoring

Choose a package of services and an individualized program. Know yourself, make new goals, live your mission, and release your blockages. For brave souls only!

Intuitive counseling

Do you need quick intuitive guidance? You have a problem no rational or logical answer can solve? Choose the way to connect and let yourself be helped with the help of the Spirit world and my intuition.


Certified courses in metaphysics or workshops for personal development. Choose and learn from my lifelong experience and expertise.

One-on-one with Lady Nada

This is a beautiful one-hour channeling session with Lady Nada, the master from the Spirit world. She will inform you about and guide you to your soul path. 

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Just do it and you will not look back ever!

Just do it and you will not look back ever!

One of the biggest fallacies you can wholeheartedly live for years is the belief that you are still not good enough to do the work you feel as your life calling. Every day I talk to wonderful people, clients, and friends, who despite their talents...

The path to purpose

The path to purpose

If anyone had told me 30 years ago that I would be channeling an amazing, strong, and healing energy, I would have thanked them while thinking to myself that I didn't deserve it, I couldn't do it, and anyway who was I to be chosen to do something...

Spiritual path

Spiritual path

Many think the spiritual path is the path of prayer, meditation, service, and believing in is, but the spiritual path and spirituality are much more than that. To be spiritual also means to make decisions- decisions that are often very...

Her open heart emits the energy of love, acceptance, understanding, caring, respect and compassion, and enables her to be one of the clearest and the most authentic channels for the Divine/God the energy in her reading, healing, and teaching. 

I highly and strongly recommend her to you if you need spiritual guidance to find your life purpose and life direction, to heal yourself and your life, to raise your vibration to higher consciousness, and to move on with your life. Your life will be improved for the betterment of
your soul evolution.

Jean Luo


It is true in the metaphysical/ spiritual context that whenever a student is ready, the teacher will appear. It has happened to me as I journey my life path with tremendous help from master lady Nada channeled by Natalija.

In the Master’s energy, it has become easier to navigate challenges dotted along my life path as I am able to gain insight as to why my experiences come the way they do.

Natalija may the light of the
Divine Spirit stay and assist you always in this of your very important work
that is touching many souls and me in particular.

Makachi Chimusaru


If you are experiencing that urge to explore who you are and how you fit into the world in which you live, Natalija has the knowledge and Spiritual gifts to assist you.

She can assist you to open yourself up to your destiny and life purpose. Her greatest gift to you is to assist you to face, understand, and embrace your challenges and fears through a new perspective of how life works. I highly recommend this beautiful lady to teach and guide you on your journey of life.

Alan McElroy


Natalija is a powerful
healer. When you work with Natalija she assists you to penetrate right to
the source of challenges in your life – usually subconscious beliefs.

I have found that just from sharing your challenges with Natalija, her energy somehow transforms the situation you are experiencing.

Working with Natalija is
for those who are committed to transforming their lives. She is also very
intuitive and generous with her time. 

Sharon Hoffman


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