Soulful woman

Discover the path to your greatest potential.

Hi! My name is Natalija!

And I would love to help you find your greatest inner spiritual potential, fully trust your intuition, open yourself to the abundance of possibilities and live in the zone of genius.

As an expert in the field of metaphysics, past life regression, and spiritual astrology, I will help you open up the parts of your subconscious mind that are hiding the issues holding you back and make you remember your highest potential.

As a semi-conscious channel for the ascended master Lady Nada and St. Germain, you’ll be led and guided by the vibrationally highest beings in our Universe whose energy is going to help you release and transform the blocked energy.

Are you ready to change?



Who am I working with?

My work is dedicated to you, a wonderful awakened woman hungry for spiritual knowledge and wisdom.

Do you know who you are and what you need to do to feel whole, happy, satisfied, and at peace?

Do you wish to change your mindset and release all the beliefs and emotions holding you back?

Are you filled with fears, and distrust in yourself and life? Are you holding back from living your highest calling?

Are you living in the same old way over and over again, afraid to choose a new path and goals, and finally end up living what’s not good for you?

Do you know what you want in your life?

My services

Every single one of my services is based on a long-life education, personal experience, and experience in working with my clients.

Integrity, excellence, wisdom, and compassion are virtues accompanying every service I am offering. 

Spiritual mentoring

Let me coach you and help you transcend your issues in a gentle and wise way. I will create a package offer designed only for you and your needs. A life-changing experience. 

Intuitive/channeled counselling

Let me give you a different perspective of your issue, question, or challenge. My intuitive-channeled information is going to give you directions and uplift you.

The Master’s courses

Learn the laws of metaphysics and open yourself up to higher levels of vibration and consciousness. Learn from the Ascended Masters and transform your energy.

Public channelings

Listen to the live online channelings from the ascended master Lady Nada and St. Germain channeled by Natalija. Enjoy the beautiful high energy, ask your questions and transform your life.

Coming events and news


Every Saturday morning I will send you an email with an inspirational channeling or personal story and a few pieces of information about the upcoming event that could be of your interest.

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